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Uk Solar

If you’re reading this post, then you’re already intersted in supporting UK Solar, so thank you. It has been a rocky time for UK Solar this year, and the future right now is looking less than bright. Recent decisions by our government make it hard to have faith in thier commitment to climate action and securing clean affordable energy for generations to come.

In 1st world countries such as the UK, our generation and those before us have had the luxury of abundant, affordable energy, and a high standard of living. Climate change is no joke, and ignoring it just doesn’t add up. Quite frankly, it is shameful that a leading 1st world nation is falling behind developing and emerging countries with it’s energy policy. In a matter of weeks we have gone from leading the way with our ambitious carbon reduction commitments, to dropping out of EY’s respected international renewable energy league table top 10 for the first time – falling behind Chile, Brazil and India.

No.10 appear determined to continue with expensive and slow nuclear, oil and fracked gas, regardless of the high financial and environmental costs for generations to come.

We know that the world is behind us, but we need our government to hear you.

So, how can you help?

If you are a UK resident:

1. Write to your MP. RegenSW and FOE have guidance on what to write. If you’re really keen, write to chancellor George Osborne and PM David Cameron.

2. Complete the short survey on the 1010 #keepfits website, they will collate all the responses and present the feedback to DECC as part of the consultation process. The consultation ends on 23rd October so respond before the deadline.

3. Sign the petition on the parliament website – we started the petition in an attempt to force a debate in parliament on the current approach to UK solar and renewables. Caroline Lucas has stated that she will support this if it reaches 100,000 signatures.

4. Between now and October 23rd, tweet @AmberRudd_mp @David_Cameron @George_Osborne and tell them you care about UK Solar using #saveoursolar #keepfits #actiononclimate

If you live outside the UK:

Between now and October 23rd tweet your support for UK solar to @AmberRudd_mp @David_Cameron @George_Osborne and tell them you care about UK Solar using #saveoursolar #keepfits #actiononclimate

You can also email PM David Cameron and let him know you’re behind us

If you didn’t find this page via the thunderclap website, then please go and add your support

The current consultation period for the Solar Feed in Tariff review ends on October 23rd, so watch this space!