Cutting carbon for COP21

Some months ago, as the government began their slow but steady attack on the UK renewables industry, I chanced upon a Crowdfunder project set up by Luci Isaacson at Climate Vision. A few years ago, in the run up to COP15, Luci ran a carbon cutting project, calculating the cost-per-tonne of carbon savings as a result of individuals making simple choices. With COP21 approaching, she had taken on the challenge of running the project again, with the intention of updating the results and sending them to Paris.

It is easy to believe that, as a single individual, our actions make little difference, so I felt compelled to support Luci in her ambition. After supporting the Crowdfunder, and spreading the word of Luci’s project, I was asked if I would become one of her ‘Carbon Ambassadors’, taking on the 10 carbon cutting pledges and reporting back on my experience, alongside her other selected ‘Carbon Ambassadors’.

The pledges have been very simple and easy to action, and will mostly fit around today’s busy lifestyles, without too much impact, but as Luci’s results show, they’ll certainly make a difference to your carbon footprint. The biggest impact for me personally has been finally getting around to using The Cornish Food Box for my weekly family shop – it doesn’t cover everything, but certainly delivers most of what I need right on my doorstep every week – 100 Cornish and local.

Once Luci had completed the hard work on the data, she sent the finished document to Paris, via 2 very enthusiastic and dedicated local cyclists, all the way from Truro to Paris. The weather was not kind to them as they left, documents in hand, but despite weather and the recent events in Paris, they arrived safe and sound and had a successful mission.


The talks in Paris this time around appear to have a more serious agenda, and it has been reported that the percentage of government leaders attending has far outweighed those from the press and green NGO’s, so it’s looking more promising for a positive outcome from COP21.

It’s reassuring to know that regardless of the outcome, or government policy, the day to day actions of each and every one of us really can make a difference.

Details of the project and the pledges can be found via the Climate Vision website, and it’s never too late to give them a try!

If you fancy trying out the Cornish Food Box, they have a lovely shop and newly opened cafe in Truro, and they are currently taking orders for Christmas boxes, taking the stress out of Christmas day with everything you need for lunch delivered to your door!