Powering up positivity and celebrating the story behind our BCorp Certification

As we start 2024, we’re proud to announce that we’re joining the B Corp family. Our commitment to balancing our greater purpose with our business goals and growth is important to us. This has been a long journey for ZLC Energy, because we pledged in our early days that we would grow ethically and sustainably. So, for our values to be recognised by the B Corp family, we could not be prouder. 

As a renewable energy business our commitment to our planet is clear. But B Corp doesn’t focus on one area of business alone. The business processes which help us deliver on our commitment to the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, profit and planet have been rigorously tested and scrutinised.  

It has been a year of hard work for our team. But it’s all worthwhile as we celebrate the recognition of our commitment to making a positive impact on the world. 

A sustainable tomorrow 

ZLC Energy has always been about more than just renewable energy. Our ethos is about cultivating a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow – for everyone.  

“Achieving B Corp status is a goal that we set ourselves in 2023. So to achieve this milestone at the start of a new year is energising our focus.  It’s just a great way to start the year. We have a great team here and we’re doing great things so we’re very proud to be recognised this way,” says Matthew Shepherd, Managing Director ZLC Energy.  

Thinking outside the box is second nature to our team because every installation we plan and deliver is unique, and some of the locations and premises we work with present some unique and obstinate challenges. One of the processes we’ve enjoyed the most during our B Corp accreditation is discovering how strong the commitment to our planet is for so many other different kinds of business, and how strong resilience and determination is across the B Corp family.  

As a community, B Corps are encouraged to find creative solutions to social and environmental challenges. So, we’re proud to be sharing space with organisations who share our values, and to have the opportunity to share our own experiences for the benefit of the community. 

ZLC Energy B Corp

B Corp certification is more than a badge or a logo we’re adding to the website. Becoming a B Corp reflects the heart and soul we pour into our work every day. Accreditation means as well as being accountable to ourselves and our customers, we’ve met rigorous external standards. And we’ve made our commitment to transparency, accountability, and the impact we have on employees, customers, community, and the environment completely clear. 

As a B Corp, ZLC Energy now joins a global community of businesses who are all balancing profit with purpose. But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond business – it’s a promise to drive positive change. Yes, we’re helping commercial customers reduce their energy use. And we’re also championing a cause that resonates with our team and everyone we work with. 

ZLC Energy has been a trailblazer in renewable energy across the South West. And we’re proud that our good reputation is extending across the UK.  

Our B Corp certification further solidifies our position and as we make plans for 2024 and beyond, it is a testament to our dedication to building a sustainable future. B Corp accreditation shows our commitment to empower every organisation who wants to reduce their energy use to do so. And our mission here at ZLC is to do this cleanly, efficiently and smoothly.  

Read the full press release here. And find more information about B Corp here.