Warm and Cosy Christmas!

Thank you to all our loyal customers this year, we wish you all a happy Christmas and hope you’re making the most of your energy savings this winter.

If you are reading this, and you are not yet one of our valued customers, now is a good time to go for it! The regular degression in Feed In Tariff (FIT) rates is upon us once again in January. Whilst the reduction is relatively small this time round, January’s new rate will only last until March 2015, when there is likely to be another reduction.

Why not make it a new years resolution to book in your install before the next Feed In Tariff drop. The savings could really help get your finances in shape for the year ahead, so give us a call, and don’t miss the next deadline!

We’d love to hear from customers old and new in 2015, so please keep in touch.

Wishing you all a warm and cosy Christmas

From all the team at  ZLC Energy

By Mark Smith