Visit England champions sustainable tourism

Cornwall is well known for its allure as a holiday destination, with it’s unique landscape and stunning coastline. This is reflected by the number of highly successful holiday businesses in the county, as demonstrated in the recent Cornwall Tourism Awards, where we were impressed to see many of our clients pick up awards. Businesses winning Gold, such as our clients Trevornick Holiday Park, Bosinver Farm Cottages and Feadon Farm (Gwel An Mor) will have the opportunity to progress to the South West Tourism Awards, which if successful, will give them a chance at the National Tourism Awards.

Many of these businesses have already taken many steps towards becoming more sustainable, with Bosinver Farm achieving Gold in the Sustainable Tourism Award, and Feadon Farm taking the Gold in the Wildlife Friendly Business category.

So, it is great news to see that Visit England have launched a marketing toolkit aiming to champion the benefits of sustainable tourism.

The new toolkit showcases examples of best practice from destinations across England where sustainable tourism is benefiting both visitors and the local community. Examples include innovative ways of working with local organisations and businesses, from promoting cycling holidays or locally sourced food and produce to improving local transport networks, or making a destination more accessible for disabled visitors. It also includes guidelines on how best to communicate to both residents and visitors the wealth of sustainable projects taking place in that destination.

This new toolkit builds on the success of Keep it Real for Businesses, launched by VisitEngland in 2010, designed to help tourism businesses promote sustainability. This toolkit has since been licensed to tourism agencies in South Africa, Catalunya, Wales and the Republic of Ireland, with case studies tailored by Leeds Metropolitan University to suit each destination.

Jason Freezer, Head of Destination Management for VisitEngland said:

“Sustainable tourism is about tourism having a positive impact on everyone it affects, whether they are residents or visitors. There is enormous opportunity to achieve growth in tourism that encourages more visitors and improves the overall visitor experience, whilst also benefiting the destination, and the people who live and work there. There are fantastic examples across the country of destinations that are really showcasing their sustainable tourism offer, with great results. We hope these guidelines and examples of best practice will inspire more destinations to highlight the benefits of sustainable tourism for all.”
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