Is solar PV battery storage right for my home?

Are you ready to get energy smarter?

Is solar PV battery storage the best place to start…

2016 looks set to be an interesting year for energy- it’s all about becoming energy smarter. Solar PV battery storage, flexiwatts and  negawatts – what can they do for you?

How customers choose their energy supplier, their renewables, and their energy tariffs is all set to change rapidly in the near future. 2016 looks like the beginning of a new energy era. This year sees trials of various community run energy supplier schemes, the role out of smart metering, changes to renewable energy support and the development of a variety of battery storage technologies.

The biggest savings to energy costs will be gained from reducing consumption, increasing awareness of individual usage and maximising savings from reducing demand and storing energy.

Various factors might make it harder for you to find a financial justification for investing in renewable energy; changes to the Feed in Tariff scheme, oil at under $40 a barrel and smaller more flexible energy suppliers challenging the monopoly prices of the Big 6 to name a few. But, with 2015 seeing both a record agreement in Paris, and record global temperatures, perhaps the question should be can you afford not to?

The first step is to reduce your demand. Using energy monitoring or eventually smart metering, to track and manage your energy demand is the fastest, most cost effective way to reduce both costs and carbon footprint. Some really simple steps, such as switching to a green energy supplier or becoming more aware of your usage patterns can start to make an immediate impact. Reducing demand for energy is quickly becoming known as Negawatts – negative watts, or energy usage. Rather than striving to find ways to constantly increase energy supply, what happens if we get smarter about our energy demands? This concept bridges both domestic and household energy users.

If you have invested in renewables, congratulations, you’re already earning carbon brownie points as well as hard cash. But have you thought about how to increase the benefits of all that juicy energy you’re producing? Well, this is where energy storage comes in, and in most cases, this is likely to be battery storage for solar PV. The reduction to the FiT has prompted many installers to promote the benefits of energy storage – and there are many benefits for sure.

is solar pv battery storage right for my home?

However, this is still a relatively new industry. There have only recently been guidelines published to support customers through the buying process. The most obvious benefit of energy storage is that you can hold on to any excess energy you produce, and use it later in the day when your renewables aren’t generating, maximising your generation usage and cutting your import costs.

The other stand out benefit is for those of you who missed out and are wondering if solar PV is still a good invesment. The good news is, maximising your usage of home generated energy makes the pay back of a PV install an attractive offer again, and, nothing beats the satisfaction of the electricity meter standing still.

So, back to the question, is solar pv battery storage right for my home?

  • Get on top of your energy usage and demands – you will make quick wins, but you will also have a better understanding of your needs before you contact installers. This will really help with making the right decision. Whilst solar pv energy storage is a really good investment, you will only see maximum benefit if your system is well designed to match your individual needs.
  • Look into alternative energy suppliers, make sure you have a good deal both financially and ethically – the great news is that its’ really easy to do both.
  • Think about your reasons for choosing to invest in renewables – what is important to you – impressive technical capabilities, beautiful aesthetics, ease of install, price – all these considerations will help you pick your product, in what is fast becoming a confusing market.
  • Do your research, there is currently little regualtion or industry good practice on energy stoarge products, so make sure you really reasearch the options

– how long has the product been available?
– does the manufacturer or installer have examples of ‘real life’ installs?
– can they give you backed up tested data on the potential savings available to back up thier claims?
– how does the product fit with your existing renewables?
– does the system work as back up in power cuts?
– what kind of batteries does the system use, and are they the most suitable to your usage needs and budget?

domestic battery storage

Once you’ve done your homework, get in touch with your local installer and ask for a free survey. A reputable installer will be able to come and talk through your requirements and offer a solution that does exactly what you need.

It’s set to be an exciting year, and to get you off to a good start, we’re offering free energy storage surveys to our existing customers.

Call us on 01726 390390 for a free survey today, no commitment to buy.

We’ve worked closely with Wattstor to develop an affordable energy storage option, which can be tailored to your individual needs. So, whether you want a fit and forget system, or a system that can get your techy side excited, Wattstor has the flexibility to get it just right.