The options for domestic energy storage systems are more limited. The ability to use existing equipment to store energy is very much in development with the move toward ‘Smart Appliances’ & the Internet of Things (IOT) plus the use of Electric Vehicles (Vehicle to Grid) but, having developed technology within this sector for over 7 years, this is still aspirational & some way off being a reality as all the different product manufacturers have yet to harmonise systems sufficiently.

When assessing Domestic Energy Storage Systems, the team at ZLC apply the following hierarchy:

  1. Control & utilisation of existing appliances in the home: We currently use a product called the Eddi to control hot water immersions & electric vehicle charging. We are trialling the use of this product to control heat pumps & flow boilers.
  2. Battery storage: We appraise the range of battery storage products on the market & apply the best solution to fit the customer’s use case considering their energy use profiles, budget, install location, aspirations.

We have been testing, developing, installing & maintaining battery storage systems since we started in 2012 & fully understand that one size cannot fit all. We have stacks of experience of most products in Tesla, LG Chem, Wattstor, BYD, Goodwe, Solis, Fronius, Victron & many more technologies and will apply the right one to your needs.

Domestic Energy Storage