When assessing Commercial Energy Storage Systems, the team at ZLC apply the following hierarchy:

  1. Control & utilisation of existing forms of energy storage on site e.g Refrigeration, hot water, compressed air, UPS systems.
  2. Most efficient & economically beneficial energy storage solution
  3. Battery storage

Efficient Energy Storage Systems

With respect to priority 2, we are working with partners & customers to develop solutions for Power to Gas where excess renewable power is used to generate hydrogen from water and either mixed with captured C02 to form CH4 or fed directly into the gas grid for later use to generate power via CHP i.e the gas grid is the battery.

Battery Storage

With respect to priority 3, we have a range of leading tech partners we are working with to deliver containerised battery storage to commercial clients to provide a suite of benefits to the customer & to the electricity grid.

Commercial Energy Storage Systems