If you’re at home in the daytime, it’s easy to manage your energy demands to use all the lovely free solar that you’re generating. But what if you’re generating more than you can use, or you’re not about in the daytime?

Storing that excess energy in a home battery system is not only possible, it’s also becoming more and more affordable. Domestic energy storage is still a pretty new concept, but as more and more options become available, how do you know what to buy?

Most of the existing energy storage systems available consist of either lead acid gel or lithium ion batteries. The batteries store the extra energy generated by your solar PV for use later on. There are a variety of different systems available, offering a range of functions and options.

The energy storage system can be installed during the install of your renewable technology, or you can have it retro-fitted to an existing system. It is compatible with all renewable energy technologies.

What’s more, as domestic solar incentives are paid on a ‘deemed export’ (an assumed 50% usage) you won’t lose any of your FIT payment.


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