We have been testing, developing, installing & maintaining off grid renewable energy systems since we started in 2012 & fully understand that one size cannot fit all.

We have stacks of experience of most off-grid battery storage products including SMA Sunny Island, Fronius, Victron & many more working with Solar & Wind technologies and will apply the right one to your needs.

The starting point for any off-grid system is to be very honest with yourself about how much energy you will use & list out the appliances, power demands & likely durations of use so that you can get a first sight of how many kilowatt hours (kWh) of battery capacity you need and what your peak kilowatt (kW) demand or generation will be to size the inverter charger.

Off grid heating really needs to be wood fired as an electric heating system will exponentially increase the peak output and storage needs of your off-grid battery system– biomass or wood burners with back boilers coupled with Solar thermal & electric dump immersion for hot water works very well.

Off Grid System Schematic

Off Grid Power Schematic

Off Grid Renewable Power & Heat Solutions

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