ZLC Energy’s solar powered car

Need an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solution?

We applaud you in your decision in acquiring an electric vehicle and choosing a cleaner form of transportation! We are happy to provide a cost-effective solution in charging EVs that seamlessly tie in renewable energy systems.

These solutions feature Renewable synchronised charging, setting EV charging times during the optimal hours of sunshine and peak Solar PV generation.Throughout their lifetime, EVs won’t emit carbon or cause pollution. This feature ensures no carbon is emitted in charging EVs, achieving a net zero carbon system.

ZLC Energy are approved installers of EV chargepoints and we can provide solutions for domestic and commercial customers.

We offer Smart charging units eligible for the OLEV grant and we can work with you to claim the government grant if eligible.

How does it work?

Think of this unit as an extra socket specially made for electric vehicles. This unit can either be a wall-mounted chargepoint, or as a pedestal chargepoint. We also offer a Solar Carpark Canopy solution for businesses. These are Smart units easily configurable to your preferences. We also offer a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) option which allows for excess stored energy from the EV to supply electricity back to the home or back to the grid.

Interested in adding renewable energy or already have a system installed? No problem, considering your overall energy mix and designing an optimal system for you is where we shine! Become more energy efficient and make the most of your installed system by using the excess to charge the EV before it’s fed back to the grid.

Battery Storage vs. Electric Vehicle

Thinking of adding battery storage in your energy mix? An electric vehicle can be your battery on wheels and is the cheaper energy storage option.

A typical retrofit home battery installation of 4.8kWh of storage capacity will roughly cost £3,500, that’s £730 per kWh of storage.

The company EV, our fantastic Renault Zoe, holds 40kWh of storage capacity and cost £21,000, now that is £525 per kWh of storage.

Only one of these energy storage options have the added benefit of being a car!

EV (Electric Vehicle) Services