Scrubs Hub: COVID19 Action

Ruth organising Scrubs at ZLCs Penryn base

Ruth’s been busier than ever during the C19 lockdown. As soon as it was clear our frontline NHS, GPs & Care Workers didn’t have sufficient PPE to fight the virus, a group of volunteers, including Ruth, got together and formed Cornwall Scrubs. During the first zoom call back in late March, a location was needed for logistics & distribution with space for social distancing. We offered our stores in Penryn for the purpose.

A quick clear out & reorganisation later, and we became the Distribution Centre for volunteer scrubs manufacture. Ruth’s been working round the clock since.

During April & early May, vast quantities of donated material has flowed into our barn & then dispatched out to 25 groups of volunteer makers. From this over 600 sets of volunteer made scrubs have come in & have been dispatched out to health workers.

It has been amazing to see what can be achieved when people come together to pool their limited resources. We hope the PPE has made it easier and safer for those fighting the frontline of this pandemic.