Plastic Free July

Why go plastic free this July?

I’ve been following #2minutebeachclean and dragging the kids along to SAS beach cleans for a while now. This year, SAS’s Big Spring Beach Clean project coincided with our 5th Birthday. So, to celebrate 5 years of installing solar in Cornwall, we spent the Easter holidays doing as many beach cleans as we could.

We’ve been doing our bit since, but now we’re on another mission to reduce plastic pollution during Plastic Free July.


We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. People travel for miles to come here and enjoy our amazing beaches and coastal walks. But if you look closely, plastic rubbish is everywhere. The sand on our beaches is littered with nurdles (plastic beads used in manufacturing), tiny fragments of larger items, threads of fishing line, brightly coloured lures and polystyrene, as well as the larger more obvious items and picnic rubbish.

plastic free oceans

Plastic pollution from Tregantle Beach, courtesy of Rob Arnold

Our seas are full of plastic, if the streets in our local towns and villages were as polluted as the ocean, we would be complaining soon enough. And some of us are. More and more communities around the globe are starting their own projects to rid our seas and beaches of plastic pollution. In fact, our very own Cornish superstar at #2minutebeachclean has followers around the world, each doing their bit, because even if it sometimes feels like the issue is too big to solve, every little bit is a step towards a cleaner planet.

But the biggest impact will be to reduce the amount of plastic being used to start with. All that plastic comes from us. From the food we buy, the straws we use, the balloons we set free into the sky, the coffee cups and the plastic bags.

There are lots of great posts on instagram, and blogs on facebook, sharing easy ways to go plastic free. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of extra effort… like taking your own mug to a cafe!

Don't forget your keep cup

When all your keep cups are in the office…