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Cornwall Tourism Conference

Mark will be speaking and the team will be offering energy saving advice to businesses attending this Tourism Industry event as part of expowest ( at the Royal Cornwall Showground on 7th March 2013. If you’d like some really useful tips on taking control of your energy costs or to have a 1to1 surgery session

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St. Austell to become UK national centre for solar power

We were up in London yesterday supporting BRE in launching the new National Solar Centre. As St. Austell’s primary renewable energy company, we are very excited that the town and the county are going to be at the centre of the UK solar industry. BRE announced yesterday that the National Solar Centre will open in

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zlc customers & installations win at Cornwall Sustainability Awards

zlc energy are proud that both St. Austell Breweries ( and Robin Hanbury-Tenison (President of Survival International, were recognised for their commitment to sustainability in Cornwall at the Cornwall Sustainabilty Awards The brewery won best retrofit project for the County Arms in which we installed the solar thermal and pv system. Robin won

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Renewable Battery Systems Energised by SSE

The integration of zero and low carbon energy technologies, such as solar panels and heat pumps, into a smart grid had a boost today with the trial of a new electricity storage system. Three electricity storage units, manufactured by S&C Electric, have been installed as part of a “zero carbon homes” project in Slough. The

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VisitCornwall Business Event

We will be offering energy saving advice to businesses attending this Tourism Industry event at Heartlands on 15th January 2012. Visit to book your place. by Mark Smith

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ZLC Energy supporting Green Door event at Bosinver

COAST (Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Network) are supporting an event held at Bosinver Farm Holidays, near St. Austell, on 18th October focussed on saving business energy costs. ZLC energy are proud to be supporting the Green Door event and  will be holding energy surgeries throughout the day to help businesses identify some quick wins. If you’re

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Skills Academy recognises ZLC Energy

This week the National Skills Academy celebrated the success of the National Occupational Standards for environmental technology courses run through Cornwall College Business (CCB). ZLC Energy were recognised as having shown an “outstanding commitment to training.” I believe to demonstrate leadership in this exciting new sector is vital.  The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies has

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Sceptics who lobby against wind simply have their facts wrong

From the Guardian: “The assertion that wind turbines don’t reduce carbon emissions is a myth, according to conclusive statistical data obtained from National Grid and analysed here in the Guardian for the first time. With a new wind generation record of 4,131 megawatts set on 14 September, the question of how far the UK’s wind

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Feed In Tariffs

The Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) scheme was introduced on 1 April 2010, under powers in the Energy Act 2008. Through the use of FITs, DECC hopes to encourage deployment of additional small-scale (less than 5MW) low-carbon electricity generation, particularly by organisations, businesses, communities and individuals that have not traditionally engaged in the electricity market. This will

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Latest Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) News

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for householders is aimed at any householder looking to replace their current heating with renewable heating kit or householders who have installed any such technology since 15 July 2009. It is intended that householders will get paid for each kWh of heat they would be expected produce under the current