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Is solar PV battery storage right for my home?

Are you ready to get energy smarter? Is solar PV battery storage the best place to start… 2016 looks set to be an interesting year for energy- it’s all about becoming energy smarter. Solar PV battery storage, flexiwatts and  negawatts – what can they do for you? How customers choose their energy supplier, their renewables,

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Low Carbon Christmas

  We’re all about Low Carbon here, and you don’t have to shell out the pounds on a solar install to get carbon cutting. I wrote recently about Luci’s Carbon Cutting project, so sticking with the small steps ethos, I’ve compiled a countdown to a Low Carbon Christmas. Each day until the 25th, a recommendation

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Cutting carbon for COP21

Some months ago, as the government began their slow but steady attack on the UK renewables industry, I chanced upon a Crowdfunder project set up by Luci Isaacson at Climate Vision. A few years ago, in the run up to COP15, Luci ran a carbon cutting project, calculating the cost-per-tonne of carbon savings as a

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Investing in Community Energy

  In early November this year, the UK Treasury announced they would be removing community energy from the SEIS and EIS investment schemes –in effect slashing the return on investment and dis-incentivising potential investors. The news was pretty catastrophic for many community energy groups, although, after the intensive attack already waged on the solar industry

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The world supports UK Solar

If you’re reading this post, then you’re already intersted in supporting UK Solar, so thank you. It has been a rocky time for UK Solar this year, and the future right now is looking less than bright. Recent decisions by our government make it hard to have faith in thier commitment to climate action and

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Cornwall’s Climate Vision

Orignally posted on Blue and Green Today. Cornwall-based Climate Vision uncover behavioural change figures proving the opportunity of changing behaviours can have in saving carbon. Whilst September may have people reaching for the blankets and cranking up the fire, earth itself is getting warmer. As such, cutting carbon is the talk on all world leaders’

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Community Energy funding

Western Power Community Energy grants are currently available via CSE. £1000 grants now available for energy improvements to community buildings The Western Power Distribution Community Chest has just reopened offering community groups a share of £50,000 to install energy saving improvements in their village halls and community facilities. Community buildings across WPD’s network area, which

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This week, I’d like to ask for your help. If you don’t have time to read, skip to the bottom to find out how. As you may know, the government recently held a review of the feed in tariff, and as a result, have recommended a Solar FiT reduction of 87% in January 2016. Currently,

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Community Energy with a conscience

Our mission is to make a difference to the environment every day, so supporting communities to invest in renewables where individuals may not be able to afford to do so is high up on our ‘to do’ list. We’ve been working with WREN and Low Carbon Ladock to install solar PV for individuals as well

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Follow our carbon cutting journey with Climate Vision

We recently supported the crowdfunder project by Climate Vision. The aim of the project is to encourage a group of 10 ‘ambassadors’ to fulfill a set of pledges over several months with the intention of cutting carbon. A few years ago Luci from Climate vision carried out a similar project, anylising the results of behavioural