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Get your home ready for electric cars with solar charging

How soon will all cars in Cornwall be electric?

Cornwall could see an electric car revolution sooner than we think. Earlier this year, PFA Research asked residents in Cornwall how likely they would be to purchase an electric car in the next 5 years. The results are positive with 20.5% of respondents stating they would be going electric by 2023, and a further 15% by 2027.

However, a 1/3 of respondents said they would be waiting at least 10 years, with a further 1/3 saying they would never switch.

When it comes to new technologies taking off, there is a predictable pattern, as you can see with my quickly sketched graph below.

Electric car adoption in Cornwall

How quickly will Cornwall switch to electric cars?

So, what’s all the fuss?

Well, according to Stanford economist Tony Seba, traditional petrol and diesel cars could become obsolete in next decade. Whilst this may sound a little too futuristic, the disruption of traditional fossil fueled car ownership has already begun.

Just this week there have been several events that could quickly change the status quo –

  • Tesla’s high-volume Model 3 sedan passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule. Elon Musk has predicted production to be up to 20,000 vehicles by December 2017.
  • Volvo announced that by 2019 all new vehicles will be electric or hybrid, with a target of 100% electric vehicles by 2025
  • France announced it will end sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

It’s starting to look like some of those late adopters might find themselves switching to electric cars sooner than they think!

Why go solar?

It’s predicted that eventually we will all switch to electric self drive cars, and even the concept of individually owned cars will quickly become outdated. Whilst that would work well in cities, where people take lots of short journeys, it may take a little longer to catch on in rural areas such as Cornwall. This means there is likely to be a period of time where electric car ownership is the only option.

Solar + storage is a perfect match for electric car charging, easy to install and a quick payback if you’re charging your car for free. If you don’t already have solar, then it would be wise to install now whilst there are still feed in tariff payments available.

Several electric car manufacturers are currently offering free home charging points with purchases, however, as the need to incentivise sales decreases, these may be an additional cost in future. If solar is installed on your home, then the charging point can be easily installed in your garage or other convenient location to make use of your free solar energy.

For those who prefer not to have solar on their home, there are various solar car port options. Customers can choose the style and design of the car port and have the solar and charging point integrated to the design.

Obviously, as electric cars become more common, petrol stations will gradually disappear and be replaced with car charging points. Cornwall Council is hoping to install 400 charging points across the county. But as Ecotricity recently announced, the charging points won’t always be free. Charging your car at home, when the sun is shining, or overnight from solar stored in batteries will become a very cost effective option.

And if Uber style self driving taxis eventually make their way to Cornwall, you can always use the solar to charge your futuristic house!