Follow our carbon cutting journey with Climate Vision

We recently supported the crowdfunder project by Climate Vision. The aim of the project is to encourage a group of 10 ‘ambassadors’ to fulfill a set of pledges over several months with the intention of cutting carbon. A few years ago Luci from Climate vision carried out a similar project, anylising the results of behavioural changes on reducing emissions, and taking them to No.10. This time around, Luci is planning to present the results at the climate talks being held later this year ( #COP21).

“We are now looking to calculate the carbon cost of our campaign in order to show to COP21 delegates that behavioural change can provide an effective strategy for achieving CO2 reduction targets.”

carbon cutting





Why are we pledging to cut carbon?

Awareness of the need to reduce emissions is becoming a higher priority, with Pope Francis, David Attenborough and President Obama recently making thier views clear on the need to drastically rethink our current energy sources and emissions in order to reduce our impact on the envrionment and cut carbon in the atmopshere. We’re working hard on supporting people to switch to renewable energy sources, and developing affordable energy storage to make renewables work harder for our customers.

When we saw Luci’s pledge project, it seemed a really accessible, effective way to get people engaged with making carbon cutting part of their everyday lifestyle. It’s always been important to us to be aware of our impact on the environment, so we’ve made a lot of small changes to our lifestyle already. There are a lot of pressures on people these days, so the environment doesn’t always come high up in people’s everyday considerations. Hopefully this project can demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. When you’re faced with the huge potential impact of climate change, it can be hard to have the conviction that your small choices make a difference, so it will be great to see the end results of the project.

We’re looking forward to starting with our carbon cutting pledges, and finding out how much of a difference our efforts can make.