Cornwall Geothermal Project

The nations love of Poldark means most of the country know of Cornwall’s mining history. There are Cornish miners spread across the world, from Mexico to Australia. But Cornwall also has a less well known history of exploring Geothermal energy.

Rosemanowes Quarry was used in the 70’s for researching geothermal energy, known as the Hot Rocks Project.

It was well known in science and engineering circles across the world as the site of the first such project, which was, at the time, a groundbreaking piece of engineering.

The company looked at sourcing energy from heat in the rocks three kilometres under Cornwall and technology from the site has led to geothermal power plants being built from the USA to Asia.

Now Cornwall is embarking on an ambitious new Geothermal project, which, if successful could power 1500 -4500 homes, around the equivalent of an on-shore wind turbine. However unlike other renewables, criticised for intermittency, the Geothermal plant would be able to run continuously, like a coal fired or nuclear power station.

Geothermal on this scale has been utilised successfully in Iceland, but this would be the first project of its kind in the UK. If it is successful it could pave the way for bigger projects and give Cornwall energy independence.

The project already has backing from the Council and ERDF funding, and is now looking to raise capital from online investment platform Abundance.*


*Link is in not a recommendation to invest and all investments should be taken after careful consideration of all risks.