Have you considered an Energy Club such as Community Energy Switch?

The cost of energy remains a hot topic, despite recent drops in the price of oil, and some of the ‘Big 6’ offering price drops or freezes. For many, the costs of heating a home can be an unaffordable percentage of income, especially at this time of year. Just this week, Ofgem are in the news for giving advice to families that many have interpreted as patronising.

Recently, Community Energy Plus have launched Community Energy Switch are offering local people the opportunity to help you save money on your energy bills with collective buying power. Energy Clubs work by using the collective buying power of a group of people to negotiate exclusive deals on energy costs with the big suppliers. It’s free to sign up and there is no obligation to switch providers if you find a preferable deal elsewhere.

Community Energy Plus also offer a community buying group for oil, which works in the same way as the energy club.

Whilst Community Energy Switch is great because it’s a local group serving Cornwall residents, there are other reputable Energy Clubs, such as the Money Saving Expert Energy Club. Customers can enter their details into the website which will then find the best energy deals available for your property and energy usage. The website will alert you when new deals or tariffs become available.

For general advice, hints and tips on energy saving and renewable energy, YouGen and The Energy Saving Trust are a great place to start.

Community Energy Switch

Community Energy Club

Money Saving Expert Energy Club