Solar Photovoltaic, (Solar PV) cells use energy directly from the sun to generate electricity. There are no emissions of CO2 with a PV system and no moving parts. Electrical power generated by Solar PV can be used on-site to meet existing demand and surplus power can be exported to the grid or stored.

Solar PV systems provide electricity which can be used to power electrical appliances in your office or factory.

ZLC Energy can deliver approved commercial Solar PV systems to start saving your business money straight away.


Commerical Solar PV

How does it work?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels turn the suns light into DC electricity. An inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity used by your appliances. You then use the energy instead of buying it from the national grid via your energy supplier. Any excess energy is exported back to the grid, and you are paid an export tariff for it.

PV systems work best in direct sunlight but also generate electricity when conditions are less favourable. However, the electrical output is dependent on the amount of sunlight that falls on the surface of the unit and for this reason un-shaded, south-facing surfaces produce the best results.

For buildings with shading or other complex sites, additional equipment such as the Solar Edge system can improve performance.

PV Panels can be mounted on the roof, in the roof or on frames on the ground.