Solar PV (Photovoltaic) is a great technology for business. Roof or ground mounted panels house solar cells that convert energy from the sun to generate electricity.

The technology is Zero Carbon i.e. there are no emissions of CO2 and has no moving parts so is very robust and low maintenance. Electrical power generated by Solar PV can be used on-site to power electrical equipment in your office or factory meet existing demand. Typically, systems are connected to the national grid so surplus power can be exported to the grid, however we can also offer off grid Solar PV systems for business when combined with an Energy Storage System (ESS).

With over 6MW of commercial solar deployed with amazing businesses across the South West, ZLC Energy can deliver approved commercial Solar PV systems to start saving your business money straight away. Click here for introduction to Commercial Solar PV.

“ZLC Energy were amazingly efficient. They undertook considerable works without any disruption to the business at one of our busiest times. Mark, MD of ZLC Energy, coordinated everything with us from start to finish. I’d happily recommend them as a company to work with.”

Alan Murdoch
Director, Fermoys Garden Centre

Commerical Solar PV


  • 15 to 25% Annual return on investment, as short as 4 year payback.
  • Turn energy overheads into profits.
  • Protect yourself from power cuts when combined with energy storage.
  • demonstrate climate leadership, corporate social responsibility and enhance your reputation.

Is my business suitable?

Roof Mounted Solar PV

Commercial roofs provide the perfect setting for solar PV. The energy generated can be used on site which makes payback quicker. The energy is generated at the point of use without transmission losses and inefficiency. The installation of solar panels typically falls within permitted development rights for most commercial roofs and do not need planning permission.

Ground mount Solar PV

For commercial businesses with the available land, ground mounted solar PV systems offer an alternative solution in situations where a roof top installation isn’t an option. Where large scale installations are required, ground mounted PV can be a more cost effective option. Depending on the size of the system, planning permission may be required.

How does it pay?

The Government has stopped the Feed in Tariff scheme for renewable power generation.

However, you can save money from using the electricity that you generate and can also get money from the Smart Export Guarantee Scheme.