In a world where consumers have more choice, sustainability makes increasingly good business sense. Companies are also realising, that in a world of diminishing resources, they have to be more resourceful in order to remain profitable. Many global companies are aiming for 100% renewables or setting themselves ambitious carbon reduction targets. We have a breadth of experience and knowledge to help you make choices that will save you money and support your business to lead in sustainability.


Change your habits

Changing habits within the workplace or business processes can be a cost effective way to increase your bottom line. But do you have clear sustainability values and goals within your business? Whilst many people, employees included, will have strong beliefs and values about making the right choice for the environment, it isn’t always easy to act in accordance. As with other key values of your business, clearly communicating sustainability values will support employees to change their habits and meet your sustainability goals.

42% of the UK’s carbon emissions are as a result of individuals actions… so even small behaviour changes can make a big difference. Using strategies such as positive motivation or the challenges and rewards of ‘games’ can make behavioural changes more engaging. Why not challenge your teams to take on the Carbon Pledges or find ways of reducing business costs whilst improving sustainability?

Once change starts to happen, share it across the business. People respond well to social norms being shared – most hotels now have a card to share how many guests on average re-use their towels… because it works. Encourage your employees to share their positive habit changes – social proof (seeing other people share what they value) can be more motivating than policies or guidelines.

Behaviour change won’t always bring direct financial gains to the business, but demonstrating genuinely sustainable practice will certainly bring long term benefits.

Look after your business

We know that you are focused on delivering for your customers.

Making sure your business is running as efficiently as possible includes checking and monitoring your energy usage and identifying the quick wins. We know from working with businesses that is often the last thing you have time to for.

Our approach is to work with you in helping to identify where you can reduce your operating costs.

We might even be able to find ways to generate you some cash.

We can support you to

  • Reduce your demand
  • Improve the performance of equipment
  • Improve performance of your premises
  • Replace existing equipment
  • Access available financing
  • Benefit from tax efficient options to improve the energy performance of your business

Choose Renewable Energy

Investing in renewables can still bring great returns for your business. We have worked with highly regarded businesses across the South West so we understand how important is is to make capital investments that will achieve the goals of your business.

We will always listen to your requirements and make sure that what we recommend will be the right investment. We like to start by checking that all the low-cost investments such as reducing demand have already been addressed before recommending any solutions with a high capital cost.

The incentive mechanisms related to renewables and energy are subject to change, so we will also make sure that you really understand how to make the most of them for your business.

We have experience of installing a variety of technologies commercially so we can make sure you get the best solution for your money.

Would you like to know what it’s like to work with us? We’d be happy to put you in touch with one of our many business customers.

Which technology?

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