Billy Dalton ZLC Energy

Billy Dalton

Installation supervisor

What is your role at ZLC?

I’m the man that makes things happen, I make sure we’ve got the right people, the right materials, the right contractors. I become involved after the customer has had a survey, given the go ahead for the project and then I make sure it all happens in good time.

What would you consider good time for an installation?

Obviously every project is different, but for a simple domestic installation we can be in and out in one day. The bigger the job the longer we’ll be there of course.

Do you ever physically get involved with installations?

I’m what you’d call a working foreman, so if I’m needed I can get involved and do the installation myself. I can even dig trenches, lay pipes and help put the frames up. With bigger jobs I tend to be customer facing, we have large teams to manage and I keep my focus on the customer making sure they are happy and informed and every step.

Do you have a lot of contact with clients?

I’ve dealt with around 1,000 installations and have got to know so many customers over the years. Often if I’m driving past a project I’ll pop in and check that they’re happy, they’ll offer me a cup of tea and I’ll stay for a short while.

Offering a personal service is really important to us at ZLC, so making customers feel like they’re still important to us, even after we’ve finished on site or months and years later, is fundamental for us.

Have you always worked in renewable energy?

Not always no, I used to work in a different sector and managed more than 150 people. I worked for another renewable energy firm, where I learned the trade, for about four years before joining ZLC around three years ago. I’m the oldest member of the team by far, I’m almost 60, but this job keeps me fit, active and involved which I enjoy.

Which jobs do you enjoy the most?

I like the big installation projects that take two or three weeks to complete. Standing back and looking at a space that was once empty, but now filled with renewable energy is extremely satisfying. I can think to myself ‘there’s a huge amount of good, clean energy there and I was part of it’.