Andrew Honey


As a founder and Non-Executive Director of the company, with over 40 years international business experience, I have been focused on renewable energy and sustainability since 2005.  Prior to entering the sector I had many years as and engineer and project manager in the energy and engineering sectors.

My hands on experience of oil, gas, nuclear and waste management gave me unique insight into the future of energy and the business demands that are coming from climate change and the resulting changes required.

My business experience includes building and leading teams with clients such as Ornua, University of Plymouth, Tesco, Boots, Diageo, ExxonMobil, Conoco, MyTravel, HM Customs and Excise, United Utilities and BG Transco.

I have been a member of the inaugural UK Climate Leadership Programme, an ambassador for Low Carbon economic development, a member of Plymouth’s Climate Change Commission, a Director of the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, Summit Skills, Cornwall Development Company and a number of SMEs.