beach clean

ZLC is 5 today, so get yer gloves on and help us celebrate!

Happy Birthday ZLC!

We are excited to announce that this weekend marks ZLC’s  5th birthday. We started the business in 2012 and we’re proud of the relationships we have built with our customers in that time. Despite these challenging times for UK businesses, we are continuing to work with existing customers and forge new relationships.
We have helped customers to install over 6MW of Solar PV and 1MW of heating systems working with them to generate their own Zero Carbon power and Low Carbon heat for their homes and businesses.
We love the fact that we help provide clean, green power and heat for some of the best things in life

  1. Cornish cream
  2. Pasties
  3. Beer
  4. Cheese
  5. The greatest holiday experiences in the UK

and soon to add, one of the best music venues of all time….keep an eye out for details soon.

Celebrate with us

We’ll be having a little celebration for the team, but if you’d like to celebrate with us, get yer gloves on!


Cornwall and the environment is what keeps us motivated to do what we do, so Ruth and the kids will be joining as many SAS Big Spring Beach Cleans as they can over the next two weeks to celebrate our achievements and show some extra love for the beaches of Cornwall.

You can find your nearest beach clean at Surfers Against Sewage