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Is solar PV right for businesses in Cornwall?

This month’s Business Cornwall featured an article from Helen Willett at Coodes, sharing her expert legal tips on what to be aware of if you are considering solar PV for your business- and highlighting that solar is still a lucrative investment for businesses. Solar PV is a simple option and great for businesses right now

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Wattstor – energy storage in Cornwall

The Wattstor is a Cornish energy storage product, developed with the intention of making enery storage affordable and accessible. If you’ve already had solar or other renewables installed then you know that the investment is worthwhile for many reasons – reduced energy bills, attractive payback from the FIT, and of course, the environmental benefit of

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Now is the best time to buy solar panels

Yesterday, we had a call from a customer looking for a local company to install solar PV in St. Austell. He explained that he had decided to buy solar panels after reading an article in the Telegraph, concluding that now is the best time to buy solar. We couldn’t agree more, especially as renewable energy

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Green Open Homes with West Cornwall Community Renewables

Do you have a “green” home? Have you insulated your home, put solar panels on your roof, installed a smart meter or even built your own eco home? If so, and live in the West Cornwall / Penwith area then community group West Cornwall Community Renewables (WCCR) would like to hear from you. Following the

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Solar PV FIT rates 2015

Ofgem have just released the new Solar PV FIT rates for April to July 2015. Whilst the tariff for 4kw has dropped, Solar PV will remain a good return on investment. Despite the price of oil and gas dropping in recent months, Solar PV is still a great option, particularly in the long term. Whilst

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Cornwall Renewable Energy Plan

Since becoming a Unitary Authority several years ago, Cornwall Council has been somewhat in limbo regarding it’s planning policy. Until the Cornwall Local Plan has been developed and approved, (setting out clear policies on what will or won’t be permitted and where) the local council has no clear boundaries or guidance when it comes to

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Fossil Free in 2015

At the end of 2014, E.on the German Utiility company took the bold move to seperate off fossil fuel generation assets into a new company, leaving the German energy giant to focus on renewables, distribution networks, and energy efficiency services. The move will immediately establish E.ON as one of the largest green infrastructure companies in

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Visit England champions sustainable tourism

Cornwall is well known for its allure as a holiday destination, with it’s unique landscape and stunning coastline. This is reflected by the number of highly successful holiday businesses in the county, as demonstrated in the recent Cornwall Tourism Awards, where we were impressed to see many of our clients pick up awards. Businesses winning

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Cornwall Community Energy success

At the end of October, the results of the applications for local community energy funding were announced. Of the 28 projects that applied, 16 Cornish community energy projects received a share of the total £300,000 grant funding from EnergyFund Cornwall. One of the successful projects, the West Cornwall Solar and Heat Streets project, has recently been