Combined Heat and Power

Merchants Manor Hotel

low carbon luxury

We are extremely pleased and proud to have completed the installation of a Viessmann Combined Heat and Power unit at Merchants Manor Hotel, Falmouth.


The owners Nick and Sioned have dedicated the last three years to renovating the 100 year old hotel extensively. Most recently this has involved a significant investment into the leisure facilities and creation of the Linen Rooms, their luxurious spa and treatment rooms. Nick and Sioned have now realised their latest mission to improve the much loved building with a more efficient energy supply.

March sees the beginning of a new era for the hotel following the installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) unit to run the baseline energy (electric and heat) demand using the natural gas supplied to site.

Put simply this is not a boiler. This is technology that will provide enough energy to supply the hotel, whilst reducing their carbon footprint by 25%, preventing 60 tonnes of co2 per year from going into the atmosphere.

Despite natural gas being a fossil fuel, it has a much lower carbon footprint than electricity and road delivered fuels such as oil and lpg. The gas is burnt at source using increasingly efficient boilers and takes very little energy to refine from extraction.

Natural gas is also a lot cheaper than electricity, and by generating electricity on site, Merchants Manor will save 25% of the electricity costs. At a time when most companies announce major hikes in their electricity prices, this system enables costs to be controlled and have less impact on the business, allowing Merchants to continue to provide a cosy, luxurious and efficient setting for their customers into the future.