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Tesla Powerwall certified installer

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Tesla Powerwall 2 arriving soon

What is Tesla Powerwall 2? Powerwall 2 is the new home energy storage unit from Tesla. The unit is currently available on pre-order for delivery in March.Tesla is committed to product development, and whilst the original Powerwall was in high demand from day one, the new unit has some additional features. Powerwall 2 has an

Air source heat pump installed in traditional cottage, Cornwall by ZLC Energy

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Renewable Heat Incentive 2017

Back in mid December, the BEIS published it’s response to last years consultation on the reform of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). The changes will come into effect this year,  but what does that mean for you? Renewable Heat Incentive 2017 The RHI tariff for biomass and air source heat pumps will rise by 53%

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The Owers House wins RIBA award

One of the things we love about our work is that our customers are all different, with unique homes. We always like to take an individual approach to all our projects, as each person who comes to us will want something a little bit different. Sometimes, the project requires carefully adding renewables to an older,