Ruth Smith ZLC Energy

Ruth Smith

Owner/office manager

What’s your primary role at ZLC?

My main role is marketing, but running your own business means doing much more!

How did you become involved with the company?

I’m the wife of the managing director Mark. We lived in Brighton for many years, but it was always our intention to move back to Cornwall, where Mark is from. We’re very environmentally conscious as a couple and thought about a few ideas, such as starting an eco-building business, before we decided the right decision would be to start a renewable energy company. Once that decision was made we set up ZLC.

Do customers have much contact with you?

They will have some contact as I’m often the person on the end of the phone in the office. I know what every member of staff at ZLC does, so if there are any issues or queries I can usually answer them or put clients in touch with the right person very quickly.

I like to keep in contact with our customers, so I handle the marketing for ZLC and send out our regular newsletters. Quite a few customers reply to those emails, it’s great to see that after an installation clients still talk and respond to us, even if they don’t actually need our services us anymore.

I like to attend networking events regularly if I can, I love meeting new people and finding out about all the other great businesses in Cornwall. I love being able to give customers that extra little bit of help, so it’s really great to know what’s going on around Cornwall.

We also attend trade shows, such as the Royal Cornwall Show and Home and Lifestyle as they are great places for people to take time out to talk to us about the ways in which we can help their homes or business.

How can people find out more about ZLC?

Customers can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page – it’s written by me personally. I try and make it as useful as possible, and I’m careful not to bombard people’s inboxes!

We’re active on social media, our Facebook page is and our Twitter account is @zlcenergy, both are great places to read more about industry news and the type of things we’re doing with clients.

What makes ZLC different from other renewable companies?

We’re told by our customers that it’s our personal service; that we spend time and attention on their needs and requirements and don’t just try to sell any old product.

We’re also passionate about the environment, sustainability and our local community. The world’s climate is changing and even though it may be a small difference, we’re proud that we’re spend our time on earth trying to make a difference.

ZLC also supports local charities, both Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Cool Earth, as business sponsors. We work with Cornish Food Box and Chocolarder as we send out regular treats and prizes to clients, we feel it’s important to us to use a local company.

The environment and nature is part of our lives and it’s important to us to extend that to our business.