Doug Gammons


What is your role at ZLC?

I’m the main installer, which means I am the key person who installs all the renewable products for our domestic and commercial customers.

I get involved at as many levels as possible, from the design process beforehand, offering advice, to checking materials and making sure they’re delivered on site. I’m the person who physically places the panels on someone’s property and makes sure they’re working properly.

What else do you do other than install renewable products?

We’ve taken on a plenty of maintenance work lately, which involves fixing and repairing things like broken panels, as well as considering ways to improve efficiency. If a customer has had a product for a few years, I might be able to go back and suggest ways that something can be improved or replaced.

Making small changes to large scale solar farms can have a big impact, so yearly checks are well worth having.

Are there any installations that stand out for you?

I like working on big industrial clients where we put in large numbers of solar panels. Domestic clients may only need 16 panels, but commercial clients will often need up to 250. It’s great to consider all of the logistical challenges that surround making an installation like that happen.

How did you get into the renewable energy industry?

My father was a builder so I always enjoyed the practical side of things. At university I studied construction management and moved straight into renewables after I left. I’ve worked my way up right from the bottom, having done all the roles from roof work and running cables for other electricians to becoming qualified in my own right.

ZLC is very committed to supporting and training their staff, so they paid for me to do an electrician’s apprenticeship. It now means I’m able to sign off electrical work and manage a team myself.

What do you like most about your industry?

I like the technical challenge. I went into this career thinking it’s an emerging, growing area and work would be interesting and different. I’m enjoying watching the industry expand and of course I like working with products that help the planet.